Calling all poets!

Are you an aspiring Kerouac?

 Word Bop Workshop is the real deal in jazz education: a regular, once monthly session that provides poets with a means to explore jazz poetry, the reading style popularized by Beat Generation writers in the 1950s.

 All jazz greats tell you, they learned their craft on the bandstand, not in a classroom. Word Bop Workshop is a moderated jazz jam session. We’ve put a 21st century spin on that “cutting session” tradition.

Here’s how it works:  you are featured soloist. You’re reading an original or favorite poet with a song you’ve chosen. If you need support, Cat Lee will coach you how to rehearse with a recording. A month or two later, live, on stage, with bandmates and audience really listening, the pressure is on to be your best while you’re videorecorded.

Jazz educator Cecil Carter directs your rhythm section, to make you sound great on your tune. You take home a digital video for further study or to hit up on your web site.

We’re building community via stronger bonds between wordsmiths and
We want to start in late September 2012. Join us.

Fellow Poet, please help us develop this idea and bring it to fruition by answering these questions. Follow these steps (We’ll keep your answers anonymous):

(a) Email your reply to jazzovation@gmail.com;

(b) Copy/paste the whole questionnaire into that email;

(c) Delete the rejected parts of answer(s) to each question, so that only your correct answer remains. For “essay questions,” just type the comment. THANKS!

1. Would you come to this session, at least once? (in a small concert theater TBA downtown)?     Yes     No

2. In what role(s)?     Participate     Listen only     Both     Volunteer help

3. What night would be best to hold this jam session?    Sun    Mon   Tues    Wed   Thu   Fri   Sat

4. Do you prefer evening or weekend afternoon? Comments:

5. What afternoon would be best to hold this jam session?     Sat   Sun

6. Listener, what’s the highest cover you’d pay? (assume refreshments will be available by further donation)?   $5   $3   $2   no cover

7. As a participant, you will receive a digital videotape recording of your performance. What’s the most you’d pay for video of yourself?      $25    $20    $15    $10

8. Would you participate if you had an option to be videorecorded reading without musical accompaniment?   Yes    No

9. Would you try it more than once (say to perfect a piece with multiple attempts), in subsequent months?   Yes    No

10. Would you be willing to share your segment with a second soloist?    Singer   Another   Poet    Musician Soloist     No

11. What do you think of the idea? We welcome your thoughts:

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