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No treasure more valuable than a person you can count on time after time


long time comin…




righteous fatherhood

some serve by knowing how it begins, how it ends and what song comes next



God bless a soul who takes dreams seriously and does somethin’ about it

for John Whipple by noblsavaj 091711

life is all about what you value

life is all about what you value

for every kiss given and received from beloveds and babes, we give thanks.

for the privileges of work and parenthood
for a free country
for canine loyalty and feline appreciation
for coworkers and friends
for every good night’s sleep and every pleasant dream
for things that are free and things that are worth what you pay
for that fascinating woman in the mirror
for every clear breath
for every morning in its freshness
for entertainments both enriching and distracting
for today and tomorrow
for questions easy to answer and fulfilling to consider

for every lesson given that leaves us wizened but unscathed, let us give thanks.

for Kristi Kjendalen by noblsavaj 091911

no better use of a day

(garynote: at band practice one night, the subject came up about what Mark does on his days off.)

no better use of a day


culinary science

singing in the shower

long conversation





a mighty fine walk with the dogs


for mark mason by noblsavaj 070811


Our Jimi, who art some heaven, dig what thou hast laid. Stevie kingdom come, John will be done on earth in pursuit of heaven. Robert give us this day our daily blues. Janis forgive us our indiscretions as we pity the fool that just don’t know. Muddy doth not lead us to temptation – we are stone cold delivered into freedom, 12 bars at a time.

feel. hear. rave.

Virgen got no way t’know what it mean, not like Lovers do. I mean, you can listen all night long, and it’s clear in the rollin’ mojo of a big back beat. But even if Virgen let her hips sway to the rhythm, even if she grok the irresistible appeal of love and takes to heart the tragedy of unrequited love, the apocalypse of infidelity, Virgen hath not the visceral experience of sweaty afternoons and extended dances in the moonlight, the exclusive, private domain of Lovers.

for Dub Hankins by AdonisYoda 062511

annie’s egg company policy: keep laying

right or wrong, write. roll camera. crossfade to cut 2431. everything you know will change.

because every life has a truth to share – herstory. the children, the animals, the land. growth.

California. Texas. El Paso. Las Cruces. New York. Paris. Tennessee. Mexico.

for Alana Cash

doin’ good

doin’ good

“people aren’t either wicked or noble, they’re chopped salads resolving confusion and conflict” with doin’ the best they can… (twisted up from Lemony Snicket – sorry sir)

nearly everything we do is voluntary. we choose our actions, consciously, morning to night. everything we do teaches us more. everything we do affects the immediate consequence, the sustained effect, the legacy – for good or ill. inspired by our highest considerations, well-attended intentions produce activities that shape the community. together, lively people achieve missions that help the helpless, conserve natural and cultural resources and evolve the species.

our divinity, hallowed be. our perfection comes in dreams to guide us as we work for heaven on earth. you present our day with sustenance and time. you reconcile our differences as we cooperate with others. you wisely counsel against temptation and deliver us with grace…

dancing with abandon, looking directly into the eyes of the eternal beloved

life is generally chaotic. an individual floats in a swarming soup of people bent upon a cacophony of motivations shaped by accidental childhoods and confused social melee. let us not float, but swim. let us use our moment to create new ways to thrive in a free and equitable community. listen to the better voices, hear wisdom and laughter.

sublime in the aggregate

nothin’ cant’ be survived

distinguish this moment with inimitable love


for laura carter  noblsavaj 061311

sweet: it runs in the family

Our Great-Aunt Neal had it on my dad’s side, and his mother – our grandmother – Zonetta has the reputation for it. On my Mother’s side, you could see it in my Great-Aunt Pat and Aunt Carol. It’s more than mere love – it’s a sunny, everything-for-the-best perspective. Each of these women thrilled in the good times, and when bad things befell, they persevered to appreciate survival and recovery with indomitable spirit. As a family, Darlene and the other sweets carry an emotional culinary trait: sugar in the gravy.
husband daughters nieces work friend love nephews sons laughter grandchildren
two little girls growing up to know that no matter what, they were loved.
sometimes the only thing you can control is how you react, and even then it’s chancy.
peace in the face of it all
when she was a little girl, Darlene had to wear shoes attached to a board in an attempt to treat a spinal difficulty. it was the sort of brutality that would make any three year old scream in confused terror. I have a clear memory of Darlene in a crib, board attached, looking up and playing with Mom and Dad, smiling then sleeping peacefully.


for the Herff twins on their birthday

spirit flows on the breath, unceasing exchange
between bloodheartlung and treecloudbeloved.
drawn deep into the body, commingled with thoughtdreamidea
exhaled into the heavensaircanopy, there to aspirate forever.
thus over sagecedardust Cibolo plain, slowwave landscape
of sudden beauty and unexpected peaks, watervaluethread flows,
blessnurturecleanses, carrying whispersongcalls of yearningknowingloving,
hearts bearing storytruthlife from mouthsource across worn beds
above and below rockchallengefaith to now, and granddaughters beyond.

Jennifer and Daniel Get Married

sustain your love

naked (often occurs when fully clothed) emotion is inevitable and nurturing when correctly managed

be peacemakers.


for Daniel & Jennifer

grace begins at home

wonderful feeling

no higher integrity

ask for what you need, give what you are asked for


“better happy than right”

truth abides

listen to the voice that sings harmony


noblsavaj 071710

deeply care, sincerely give

cherish the beloved


tightly held.


the depth of friendship, the breadth of intimacy

love teaches wisdom



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