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Echoes of a Journal Reading

Morningstar and birdsong call her awake
To walk along dry lanes known since childhood,
Eyes drinking thistlepod and cactusflower,
Flora whose lineages neighbor her own.

Beau follows by running ahead,
Glancing back to read inclinations,
Assessing, then leaping strange cattleguards.

She visits gardens tended by daughter and friend,
Harvesting recollections that feed
Ideas still forming years after their conception,

Juanita makes use of a summer day’s best hours.

(Original Date: August 2000)

Everything ok

Items on the Altar

Altar at my house.

Altar at my house.

  • Father of the bride lei
  • Ceramic fired at Padgitt Ranch, “What causes fortune? What causes tragedy? What does it matter?”
  • Flat rock
  • Don Quixote, purchased in Cali, 1974
  • JMP pedestal bowl filled with Savaj Cards, Jana’s Raven Cards, Extraordinary Word Pairs, Green Eggs & Ham game pieces, etc.
  • Bride kisses Daddy framed picture.
  • Ceramic fired at Padgitt Ranch, “To change direction, you must be willing to turn.”
  • Pocket watch given by a Secret Santa, permanently set to 11:59, 2000.
  • Sculpture by David Elizondo, 1978
  • Kay Stewart Turkeys & Steers print, 1977
  • Crystals given by RW, 2007
  • Painted rock, “Buffalo Spirit” MBG 2003
  • Added today – Ganesha medal standing in front of a Chinese envelope
  • Cocapeli Drum, DG 1991
  • Ceramic fired at Padgitt Ranch, “WILL”
  • Note from Holly Allegra
  • noblsavaj beads, MBG
  • Cartoon pile
  • Savaj painted rock “vibrant wind/tectonic foundation/flowing river/(facing)miracle rain”
  • Heart on Heart, first in a series, JMP 1997
  • Lightnin button, tribute to the moment of my son’s mother
  • Wood vial
  • Two rocks
  • Tiny cup by ML
  • Incense burner by DD faithfully burning nag champa
  • My son’s family (recently amended)
  • Staff badge, Al Rendon’s All Access: My RocknRoll 2007
  • Framed photo, my daughter with friends at her third birthday party at San Antonio Zoo
  • Veteran badge, Kerrville Folk Festival

(Original Date: May 22, 2009)