Wages of Sin

The Catholic Church reaps what it hath sown. I will say this, and those who know the Book will cite my folly, but there is nothing in the teachings of Jesus as they have survived that suggests nor commands celibacy. What little I know of the Bible, I know it isn’t reliable except for two things: it can be used to justify all sorts of inhumanity, and the grace and redemption of Jesus teachings survive to justify all kinds of humanity we aspire to and some achieve.

However, celibacy is an abomination. We are created with a powerful id that far exceeds any necessary procreation. It drives us to great art and very embarrassing stupidity, but it is who we are. If certain persons choose to forego sex out of devotion, so be it, but build it into a global institution and enforce it for generations and I guarantee we are not the first to experience clerical perversion. The role of celibacy in the Church has been a corrupting influence throughout the ages, a patriarchy that enslaves women and damages faith we surely need.

Without true faith, we cannot imagine peace. Without spiritual awareness, we are damned to endless war, cruelty, slavery and crime. The grace of assembling to celebrate love and kindness, to share resources and concern for one another, to sing of our highest aspirations – this is a necessary magic that could bring heaven on earth. Such celebration of our virtues is our only hope and far too important to entrust to evil empires of religious administration.

I’m sorry, but institutionalized Christianity – particularly as expressed in the Holy Roman Church – has proven disastrous. Reform this time must be complete, must overwhelm entrenched wickedness, must resurrect the Goddess and it will take centuries. Pray that the species survives to see the day, celebrate our confidence to utter such a plea, and act accordingly.

Ebb & Kander: They had it comin’, they had it comin’ all along

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