Stop the wars

I have asked most of the people in my life to refrain from asking questions that start with “why…” But I make decisions on a much smaller scale than President Obama is facing right now, and none of my decisions will kill anyone. So I would ask the President to consider our reasons for being in Iraq and Afghanistan as he makes the anguished decisions he has before him now.

We have no real reason to stay in Iraq or Afghanistan. Neither country seems to be able to sustain any kind of clean government, maintain internal security or behave as a trustworthy ally. Iraq was a mistake and we accomplished our revenge in Afghanistan in the first year of our occupation there. Since then, both countries have exacted their revenge on our troops, our allies’ troops and anyone in either country that supports our notions of democracy and good world citizenship.

Now they just suck money and lives and spread hate for our “imperialist” ways. We continue to demonstrate that countries who attack us or show pretentions for weapons of mass destruction will – at the most – face regime change and a long, destructive occupation by our military machine. The resulting war, as we continue to demonstrate, will be one of attrition where we send a limited number of troops to fight nasty, dangerous skirmishes against “insurgents” who pick us off one Hummer at a time. Mighty military machines cannot stay in a foreign country and fight off native rebels forever. We should stop now.

Our best bet for securing the homeland is to establish a real deterrence. We have killed thousands of innocent civilians in our efforts to “win” these two wars. It is regrettable, it is bad public relations, it is immoral (all war is immoral). However, if we are going to fight, we need to fight with our best weapons. If we are the superior military power, we need to use our superiority, and that capability has two wings and heavy bombs.

Mr. President, I recommend that you bring our ground troops home and bomb the hell out of anyone who threatens us. If the Taliban and Al Queda have bunkered in to the mountains, level the mountains. We will kill civilians in the process, but we are killing civilians in the process now.

Iran and Korea are acting fearlessly, proceeding toward nuclear weapons without heeding our warnings. We need to scare them into proper behavior. Take out military targets – total destruction. Continue until they capitulate. We have a lot of airplanes, a lot of bombs, and it doesn’t take very many to obliterate a target.

We can no longer afford to fight wars like we have fought Iraq and Afghanistan. More importantly, the world cannot afford for us to continue to lead with stupidity. They need us to lead, they need us to become the superior power we are. The Soviet Unior discovered that they cannot keep up – no one can. We have the power. Let us use it with wisdom. Let us speak of peace, prosperity, freedom and democracy and carry our explosive stick with honest promise to use it when we have to.

Stop fighting stupid wars, start defending the country with our best tools. It will – in the long run – benefit the entire world.

2 responses to “Stop the wars

  1. Okay; I guess I can buy into this. Maybe that was Rome’s problem in the end…not enough Carthages after Carthage. It’s been 64 years since we really bombed anyone into submission; maybe it’s time we remind people why we invented the atom bomb in the first place–to keep racist facists in line. That’s really all that the Taliban and Al Qaeda are–Hitler/Nazi’s before the Bierhall Putsch.

    Of course, doing so, we sacrifice the “moral high gound”, but bombing everything else will crater the rest of the ground around us leaving us, in the end, with the illusion of maintaining the high ground.

    (Disclaimer: I’m tired, and some of this blinders-on-charging-feeling)

  2. We don’t have to use WMD. We can delete targeted areas with conventional weapons. We should ban the use of nuclear – including tactical nuclear – and eliminate the military of anyone who uses one. North Korea should have lost several installations already. We have to stop socking the tar baby of on-the-ground occupation and assert our airpower.

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