Continued Conversation with Larry

You might wish to pick up on this thread, scroll down and find the Rabbi of Wellness thread.

Suffice to say that Larry doesn’t think Darfur, Auschwitz and the oppression of Palestinians belong in the same category. The Stalin Purges, Darfur, Auschwitz and Khmer Rouge probably all belong in the category, and Wounded Knee, Hiroshima and injustice to Palestinians are another class.

All of them, and atrocities occuring this very day, from suicide bombers throughout the world to some guy in a neighborhood far too close to any of us beating his kids or wife, condemn the species. WE MUST STOP THE VIOLENCE.

I was asked recently if I thought this condemnation would actually make it stop. Not today, maybe not in my grandchildrens’ lifetimes. The species is probably going to keep warring until the planet no longer supports our kind. But I will be among the many who plead and cry out, who speak up and say, each murder of innocents – I don’t care what you’re defending – condemns the species.


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