It may be interesting though unnecessary to know
How random the random splatters.
Movies of painters waving brushes, pouring
Memories of Greg Ploetz above Navarro
Squirting tubes haphazard? Chance magic?
Visions of sticks stutter dragging through lumped acrylic
Circles 360 round not precisely measured to match
Translucent gradients on edge, dark spatter south of right
An accident left uncorrected, accepted.

Knowing nothing, feeling everything, everything I see
Teaches, raises questions I could research if I didn’t
Prefer my own conclusions. A Warhol Marilyn seen
Through a doorway, repeat, repeat, not quite repeat
Upper left square bears shadow stain, query Andy:
Replication? Fuzzy eyesight, replicate, replicate?
What difference these masterpieces in the museum
And the paintings in Kay’s daddy’s garage, scorned,
Pending eviction, her conviction oozing out of her eyes
Who says, who judges, what standard, what price?
An accident left uncorrected, artist left rejected.

(Original Date: July 8, 2005, Nelson Atikins Museum, Kansas City)

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