Items on the Altar

Altar at my house.

Altar at my house.

  • Father of the bride lei
  • Ceramic fired at Padgitt Ranch, “What causes fortune? What causes tragedy? What does it matter?”
  • Flat rock
  • Don Quixote, purchased in Cali, 1974
  • JMP pedestal bowl filled with Savaj Cards, Jana’s Raven Cards, Extraordinary Word Pairs, Green Eggs & Ham game pieces, etc.
  • Bride kisses Daddy framed picture.
  • Ceramic fired at Padgitt Ranch, “To change direction, you must be willing to turn.”
  • Pocket watch given by a Secret Santa, permanently set to 11:59, 2000.
  • Sculpture by David Elizondo, 1978
  • Kay Stewart Turkeys & Steers print, 1977
  • Crystals given by RW, 2007
  • Painted rock, “Buffalo Spirit” MBG 2003
  • Added today – Ganesha medal standing in front of a Chinese envelope
  • Cocapeli Drum, DG 1991
  • Ceramic fired at Padgitt Ranch, “WILL”
  • Note from Holly Allegra
  • noblsavaj beads, MBG
  • Cartoon pile
  • Savaj painted rock “vibrant wind/tectonic foundation/flowing river/(facing)miracle rain”
  • Heart on Heart, first in a series, JMP 1997
  • Lightnin button, tribute to the moment of my son’s mother
  • Wood vial
  • Two rocks
  • Tiny cup by ML
  • Incense burner by DD faithfully burning nag champa
  • My son’s family (recently amended)
  • Staff badge, Al Rendon’s All Access: My RocknRoll 2007
  • Framed photo, my daughter with friends at her third birthday party at San Antonio Zoo
  • Veteran badge, Kerrville Folk Festival

(Original Date: May 22, 2009)

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